A downloadable game

Created by: Owen Goss (@owengoss)
Made for: Guelph Jam 6

Out the Door is a local 2 player game that requires 2 controllers to play, made for Guelph Jam 6 in eight hours. Be the first to grow to size 7 and touch the door in the centre of the screen. Shooting shrinks you, but shooting your opponent shrinks them and grows you.

The game is pretty unbalanced, as it stands, but there's something in the core of the game that has potential. I'm pleased with it as the result of an eight hour jam.


Install instructions

You must have two controllers connected to your computer and turned on before you launch the game (the game will crash on launch if you don't).

Left analog stick moves
'X' (PS controllers), 'A' (Xbox controllers) shoots
'R' on the keyboard restarts

Mac - Cmd-Q to quit
Windows - Alt-F4 to quit


OutTheDoor_MacOSX.zip 11 MB
OutTheDoor_Win.zip 9 MB